What To Expect

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    What To Bring

    On your first visit, you should bring your driver’s license, or other verification of identification, insurance information, list of medications, and knowledge of previous health history.

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    Consultation And History

    The first step to any good treatment plan is listening to what the patient says. Our physicians will take a thorough history of the current complaint and relative health complications.

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    A complete examination will consist of vitals, postural scan, neurological testing, and orthopedic exam to best determine the cause and diagnosis of the complaint. Once a diagnosis is determined, a plan will be developed for optimal treatment.

Health Insurance

We Accept All Major Insurance

To best serve our patients, we accept most insurance companies. As a complimentary service to you, we will file insurance claims on your behalf with your insurance company. Each individual has their personal contracted rates with their insurance company. We will do our best to insure we get accurate information from your insurance company in regards to your rates.

No Insurance? No Problem.

We understand that your health is still important in times when you might have no insurance or are under insured. In these cases we can arrange flexible and affordable payment options. Chiropractic care is often more affordable than most patients realize.

Auto accidents/ Workman’s Comp/ Personal Injury

We accept personal injury cases including auto accidents, workman’s comp, slip and falls or other cases. We will work directly with the responsible party to file appropriate documentation to get your claim appropriately covered.

Maintenance Care

Most insurance plans do not cover what is considered maintenance care. This state is reached when a patient meets their personal level of maximal improvement or demonstrates no active complaint. It is important to continue to receive care at this time to function at an optimal level. Affordable care plans are available at this time.